Derma 2.0 Whitening Peeling

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Depigmenting and anti-dark spot action Chemical Peeling active on hyperpigmentation such as senile lentigo, solar lentigo, melasma and chloasma. Based on glycolic acid, resorcinol, kojic acid, azelaic acid, arbutin and lactobionic acid. It works effectively by breaking down the accumulations of melanin and inhibiting its over-production. Leave on for between 8-16 minutes. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

The standard protocol for optimal results from all Derma 2.0 peels is 5 sessions, once per week. Before using any Derma 2.0 peels, ensure the skin is perfectly cleansed and degreased. Apply the Derma 2.0 Degreasing solution to the area to be treated, avoiding the eye area and mucous membranes. Always let it sit for 30 seconds. The laying time, number of applications and the layers to obtain results of all Derma 2.0 chemical peels are indicative and may vary depending on the severity of the imperfections being treated. After the Derma 2.0 peel treatment, apply two layers of Derma 2.0 Post Peeling Neutralising solution.

50ml Dropper bottle with pipette.

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Skin whitening treatment, anti dark spot peel, Derma Whitening – Skin dark spots (hyperpigmentation) are due to the increase in the production and distribution of melanin, or the pigment processed by particular cells (melanophores or melanocytes), which, depending on the concentration in which it occurs, determines the color more or less dark than skin, hair and hair. To eliminate this kind of imperfection, it is recommended to use a chemical peel specially formulated for this purpose like the skin whitening treatment anti dark spot peel derma whitening, followed by an adequate home maintenance treatment (Derma Whitening Cream). All these products are available in a full pack: Complete depigmenting dark spot treatment


  • Kojic acid is widely used in the treatment of various types of hyperpigmentation such as melasma, chloasma, senile and solar lentigo thanks to its inhibiting action on melanin synthesis. More precisely, kojic acid exerts its function by deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase, responsible for the transformation of tyrosine into the useful intermediates for synthesizing melanin;
  • Glycolic acid is a keratolytic alpha hydroxy acid obtained from the fermentation of sugar cane. Its small molecular size means that it can reach deep, it carries out a moisturizing and regenerating action and stimulates cell turnover which results in an excellent resurfacing capacity for fibroblastic stimulation;
  • Arbutin is a derivative of hydroquinone, it is a beta glucoside extracted from plants belonging to the Ericacae family such as Calluna vulgaris. It inhibits melanogenesis and is better tolerated than hydroquinone. Accelerates the breakdown of melanin;
  • Resorcinol is a benzene derivative with antiseptic and antifungal, exfoliating, lightening action inducing the proliferation of the germinative layer;
  • Lactobionic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (polyhydroxy acid) formed by a molecule of gluconic acid and galactose (obtained from the oxidation of lactose). It is a valid illuminating, smoothing, moisturizing and antioxidant. It inhibits the metalloproteases that are formed as a result of photoexposure, allowing to counteract the damage associated with it. Promotes cell turnover and also an excellent lightening;
  • Sodium DNA: sodium salt of deoxyribonucleic acid, used in immunocosmetics for its pro-regenerating, stimulating cell proliferation, pro-reparative and stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis capabilities;
  • Citric acid is mainly present in citrus fruits and is able to regulate skin pH and sebum production and also has excellent antioxidant capacities;
  • Azelaic acid is a saturated dicarboxylic acid produced by the Malassezia Furfur fungus which is constitutionally present on the skin (other sources are barley, wheat, rye, rancid olive oil). It has depigmenting, bacteriostatic and bactericidal, anti-radical and comedolytic properties.


Glycolic acid, Resorcinol, Kojic acid, Azelaic acid, Arbutin and Lactobionic acid

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