Stayve Repair Cream

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This cream is amazing! Stayve repair cream is a specialist dermatologist-approved skincare product designed for face and body. Designed to heal and revitalise irritated skin after laser treatments including semi-permanent makeup procedures and microneedling.

This smooth Skin Repair Cream helps restore skin health and rejuvenate the skin with a high content of Lanolin, Bio-peptide, and Allantoin, which provide instantly soothing and calming effects to damaged skin. It increases skin smoothness, helps in wound healing whilst promoting cell proliferation and longevity.

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1 Sachet contains 1ml product. 100 sachets per box.

This Skin Repair Cream is alcohol-free; safe and beneficial to all types of skin.

Not tested on animals. Parabens, mineral oils, benzophenone, formaldehyde free. This product is alcohol-free; safe and beneficial to all types of skin, you can apply skin damage repair cream to your face and neck on a daily basis without irritation.

It has the power to nourish and repair the different layers of the skin, for a rejuvenated complexion. The cream has a mild and fine texture which can be absorbed by the skin easily.

Skin repair cream includes amino acids that produce collagen and antioxidants which fight and free the skin from radical damage. This includes aloe, dimethicone, and natural oils.

Dull, damaged, and tired skin is very common and normal due to several lifestyle and environmental factors. Skin repair cream has been developed to restore the strength and health of the skin. It includes the highest-quality of Phyto biological active ingredients which help for deep wrinkle repair.

The skin is the largest part of the body and also the most vital component of the immune system. It protects us from environmental hazards and the assault of pathogenic microbes. Notwithstanding its strength and flexibility, the skin is regularly unprotected from natural and environmental stress factors that challenge its vitality and resistance. The problem is intensified by overexposure to oxidizing agents and inadequate care which not only steals strength and energy from the skin but also fast in the aging process which is repaired from repair cream.


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