Sosum PCL 5x2ML

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PCL is not only biodegradable but it is totally bioresorbable as the final degradation process leads to the total elimination of the non-toxic degradation by-products, CO2 and H2O from the body.

This is proven through decades of extensive documented evidence from scientific literature and tes results.

PCL has been classified by the US FDA as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) substances and approved by the US FDA and CE as safe to use in numerous medical devices in humans.

PCL has already been used successfully world-wide since the 1950’s as a medical device in a wide variety of forms: microspheres, nanoparticles, films, fibres, micelles, scaffolds, fillers, etc.

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After being injected in the body, PCL is encapsues by collagen presents in the body, escapes from phagocytosis, and then induces neo-collagenesis.

PCL has already been shown to have neo-collagenesis ability through global clinical trials and is currently degrading slowly following procedure and simultaneously initiates collagenesis.

PCL induces neo-collagenesis within about 12 months.


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