Derma 2.0 Purifying Mousse 150ml

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Foam face cleanser for oily skin, Derma-Purifying Mousse with antibacterial, astringent and purifying action. Delicate mousse for the daily hygiene of normal, combination, oily and / or acne-prone skin. Gently removes impurities without causing irritation while preserving skin hydration while minimizing the overproduction of sebum. Thanks to its formula it prevents the appearance of comedones and blackheads. The perfect pre treatment cleanser.

150ml Airless bottle

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Purifying cleansing mousse, anti acne and anti blemish cleansing foam against imperfections, blackheads, blackheads and dilated pores.

Facial cleanser for oily skin, combination skin and acne-prone skin with a rebalancing and antibacterial effect. From nature, the best active ingredients have been selected to restore the correct skin barrier, regulating the production of sebum, gently and effectively cleansing, preventing the appearance of acneic manifestations. Recommended as a cleansing foam for oily and / or acne-prone skin of the face, body (eg shoulder area) and wherever it is necessary to carry out an antibacterial action.

Purifying cleansing mousse, anti acne and anti blemish cleansing foam Composition: 

  • Salicylic acid: with antimicrobial, keratolytic, smoothing as well as anti-inflammatory, healing action to “uncork” obstructed excretory ducts and contribute to the healing process of acne lesions;
  • Thyme extract: with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, excellent sebum regulator;
  • Lactic acid: organic acid belonging to the category of alpha hydroxy acids. It has skin exfoliating, pH regulator and skin conditioning properties. Its main function is moisturizing since it has a strong hygroscopic capacity, it also stimulates the production of ceramides;
  • Willow Extract: constitutes the most interesting active substance of the plant for its analgesic, antipyretic and antirheumatic and sebum-balancing properties;

With a delicate and soft texture, it effectively removes impurities while respecting the natural balance of the skin without drying it out.

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