Derma 2.0 PMU Remover

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Derma-Remover is a 100% Made In Italy safe and tested product for lightening semi-permanent make-up in the eyebrow area. A mixture of expertly selected acids to allow the resurfacing and consequent expulsion of the molecules that make up the pigments, finally allowing even the lightest pigments to be eliminated. Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid (two of the most tolerated and well-known organic acids) it acts progressively and gradually to lighten semi-permanent tattoos.

30ml amber bottle with dropper.  To be microneedled with 12pin head and/or 1 pin head.

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Derma 2.0 PMU Remover, Derma-Remover – Remover for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

PMU Remover for semi-permanent makeup Derma-Remover composition:

  • Glycolic Acid: alpha-hydroxy acid extracted from the fermentation of sugar cane. It has been used for several years in both the aesthetic and medical treatment of blemishes related to aging, as it has a micromolecular structure and an exfoliating capacity. The glycolic acid molecule is approximately 100 microns in size and this allows it to descend into the epidermis in complete autonomy, interposing itself between the various interstitial spaces and easily touching the dermal offshoots;
  • Lactic Acid: organic acid derived from milk, belonging to the alphahydroxy acid family; it is able to break the bonds created between keratinocytes (removing them) and thus promoting cell renewal (turn-over) that is quicker and more delicate than glycolic acid. Stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibres. Its fundamental property is that of being a caustic with strong hygroscopic capabilities, that is, capable of attracting water molecules to the most superficial layers of the skin, making it visibly brighter and more compact.

How many sessions? The number of sessions is particularly variable based on:

  • Skin sensitivity: if the skin is particularly sensitive or reactive, the sessions should be milder and spaced out over time; therefore, we will need a greater number of them;
  • Intensity of the pigment: the more pigment we find deposited in the tissue, the more sessions will be necessary to make it emerge;
  • Time interval from the execution of the tattoo treatment: the “fresher” the PMU is, the less time it will take to remove it.

How often should sessions be repeated?

The spacing between one session and another is variable, depending on the timing of tissue re-epithelialization. Before carrying out the treatment again, the skin must be completely intact (approximately 3/4 weeks from one session to the next).

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