Derma 2.0 Glycolic Acid Peeling

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Renewing chemical peel based on non-buffered glycolic acid peeling 50% at pH stabilised 2.0. Valid for improving the appearance of superficial-medium wrinkles, as a scars removing treatment and stretch marks (including white ones).

50ml Dropper bottle with pipette.

The standard protocol for optimal results from all Derma 2.0 peels is 5 sessions, once per week. Before using any Derma 2.0 peels, ensure the skin is perfectly cleansed and degreased. Apply the Derma 2.0 Degreasing solution to the area to be treated, avoiding the eye area and mucous membranes. Always let it sit for 30 seconds. The laying time, number of applications and the layers to obtain results of all Derma 2.0 chemical peels are indicative and may vary depending on the severity of the imperfections being treated. After the Derma 2.0 peel treatment, apply two layers of Derma 2.0 Post Peeling Neutralising solution.

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Glycolic acid scar removing treatment 50% peel – Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid and is one of the substances most used in aesthetics and aesthetic medicine to perform superficial-medium exfoliation.

It is obtained from fruit (pineapple and grapes for example) and sugar cane, and is an organic acid belonging to the family of alpha hydroxy acids which, thanks to its structure, are able to weaken the lipid cohesive bonds between the corneocytes (cells epithelial), accelerating cell turnover and thus favouring the removal of the outermost layer of the skin with emphasis on the lower layers (consisting of healthier-looking epithelial cells).

Being a small molecule, glycolic acid penetrates deeply, performing stimulating functions at the dermal level in the synthesis of collagen and in the metabolism of fibroblasts.

At the epidermal level, glycolic acid 50% peel causes a detachment of the stratum corneum while, at the dermal level, reaching the dermal papillae in a few minutes after application, it leads to a stimulation in the formation of collagen and elastin; we therefore witness the detachment of the outermost layer of skin while the healthier, brighter and better-looking lower layers are brought to the surface; for this reason it’s like the best scar removing treatment

With repeated applications of this chemical peeling there is a considerable improvement in the structure of the connective tissue and the dermis is thicker up to 20-30%.

The glycolic acid peeling is recommended for the scar removing treatment and for improving wrinkles, chronoaging, photoaging, inhomogeneity of colour and stretch marks as it produces a gradual epidermolytic effect by weakening the binding capacity of the lipids that keep dead epithelial cells together.


Unbuffered Glycolic Acid Peeling 50% pH. 2.0

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