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Needles 25G AGANI needles, tried and tested quality product. Pack of 50 Needles.

  • Thin needles
  • Sharp lancet point
  • Colour coded hub
  • Sterile
  • CE certified


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The Terumo AGANI needles have a thin wall to allow higher flow of liquids. They have a very sharp lancet tip with layer of silicone lubricant for smooth insertion.

Due to the sharp point, less force is required to insert the needle. The diameter of the needle can be recognised by the colour-coded hub. All needles are sterile and individually packaged in their colour coded blister pack. CE certified.

Smooth and easy to puncture, enabling patient comfort.
Suitable for all applications.
ISO colour coded needle hubs and comprehensive information on all packaging.
Easy recognition of flashback through transparent needle hubs.
Enables easy injection with thin walled needles.
Reduced risk of vascular perforation with short bevels.

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