Revolax Dermal Filler CE 1×1.1ml

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REVOLAX uses the latest dermal filler technology within its entire product line and offers three different products: REVOLAX FineREVOLAX Deep and REVOLAX Sub-Q.

Each product is a different viscosity, meaning they are suitable for different application areas. REVOLAX Fine is the filler with the lowest viscosity and is a great choice for superficial, fine lines like crows’ feet and perioral lines. It lasts between 9 and 12 months. REVOLAX Deep is the most popular product and is often used for lip augmentations due to its high viscosity and duration period of 12 to 18 months. It is also suitable for deep wrinkles and facial augmentations. The thickest product is REVOLAX Sub-Q. This filler is mainly used for noticeable facial augmentations and subcutaneous implants. It can last 12 to 18 months.

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All three products are biodegradable, non-animal based and of the highest quality. The hyaluronic acid it consists of is very concentrated and filtered to the highest purity without any BDDE residue. The REVOLAX formula is 100% highly cross-linked and will therefore last a long time within the body before it is broken apart. Added Lidocaine will make the procedure as comfortable as possible for the client and the prefilled syringe with a comfortable plunger pressure makes it easy to work with.

All REVOLAX products are based on the same chemical structure and can therefore be used for combination treatments on the face if the client wishes for a more extensive procedure. The filler is highly visco-elastic and stable but malleable at the same time which means it gives a natural finish while still being formable. Due to its low phase angle, product migration is highly unlikely with REVOLAX.

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