Insulin Syringe and Needle 30g BD Microfine 0.5ml x 8mm

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10 per pack. Insulin Syringe and Needle – Industry standard sterile insulin needles and syringes. CE marked. BD Microfine Insulin Syringes were introduced by BD as the first disposable hypodermic syringe offering people with diabetes a more comfortable and convenient method of injecting insulin.

0.5ml x 8mm 30G

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Syringes are lubricated which can give a significant improvement upon injecting, minimising patient discomfort
Needle is designed with a sharp edge that can penetrate the skin easily, requiring less force when pushing the injection plunger
Needle also has a thin wall technology which can improve insulin flow rate
Supplied in a pack of 10 syringes and needles.
Single use insulin needle and syringe.
Insulin concentration U100
CE marked

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Dimensions 17 × 10 × 3 cm