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This kit gives you everything you need to work your magic with Dermal Filler procedures using the needle. Each kit contains only premium Dermal Filler and consumables. The boxes of filler contain the correct needles for the filler variation.

Kit contains – 100 x Alcohol Wipes/5 x 1ml Filler – 2ml Sosum M, 2ml Sosum H and 1 x Nexfill Deep/1 x Vaseline Rosy Lips/1 x Sharps Bin/1 x Kidney Dish 8″/5 x Aprons

Note: each Sosum box contains 2x1ml syringe packets

Disclaimer: we are providing these products on the understanding that customers are in training or have already qualified to perform these procedures. If you are interested in training we can put you in touch with many of the UK academies that work alongside us. Alternatively, please take a look at our business start up packages section.

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Sosum is a stabilized hyaluronic acid- (HA)-based filler with a very high cross-linking rate. High density and finely-packed molecular structure of the gel are achieved due to the Low-Temperature Stabilization Reaction (LTSR) technology. Sosum fillers have outstanding resistance to degradation meaning longer effect duration (up to 12 months!) as well as high elasticity and viscosity values, which ensure even distribution of the gel in the dermal layers. Zero levels of residual BDDE is achieved through a two-step purification process. Low injection force of the HA gel ensures uniform and painless distribution of the filler during the injection.

– the series contains 3 products varying in the HA gel grain size depending on the scope of use.
– high cross-linking rate ensures uniform distribution of the gel and ensures no lumps form
– high viscosity of the gel makes it resistant to degradation thus providing a longer-lasting effect. Finely-divided gel structure ensures even distribution of the gel during the injection, which makes the procedure painless whilst reducing the risk of post-injection oedema and bruises

Nexfill is a monophasic hyaluronic acid filler that stands out for its deep, natural hydration. Nexfill replenishes volume loss by stimulating fibroblasts to produce their own collagen.

(HA content:24mg/ml, Volume:1.1mL) 

Storage – Store at 2ºC~25ºC temperature, avoid light, do not freeze.


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